Premium Cannabis Dispensary

VLife CBD sells only the top quality, independently tested products.


By partnering with top tier processors and growers we are able to provide our customers with a variety of the best CBD products on the market.


We offer Full Spectrum & THC-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO and Organic products. A Certificate of Analysis is available for every product sold.


Educating our customers so they are knowledgeable and informed in what products they are purchasing.

VLife CBD is a proudly locally owned and operated dispensary started with the dream of making CBD more accessible to the public. We have some of the best products and pricing in the industry. We are proud supporters of local and national efforts to ensure CBD is legal and stays legal.


Valentine’s Day CBD & Delta-8 Sales

We know cannabis is love. To show you some love we have some fantastic deals for Valentine's Day. A lot of people don't know this but CBD and Delta-8 can make excellent gifts for your loved ones or even your potentially loved ones.